CNC 4 axis RS274 RS27D format

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An example of this format which Pointor recognises is shown below:


x165.00000 y0.00000 z1.78125 a0.00000

x167.50000 y0.00000 z1.73750 a0.00000

x170.00000 y0.00000 z1.73750 a0.00000

x172.50000 y0.00000 z1.74063 a0.00000

x175.00000 y0.00000 z1.89063 a0.00000

x177.50000 y0.00000 z1.88438 a0.00000

x180.00000 y0.00000 z1.84063 a0.00000

x182.50000 y0.00000 z1.84063 a0.00000

x185.00000 y0.00000 z1.83438 a0.00000

x187.50000 y0.00000 z1.80000 a0.00000

x190.00000 y0.00000 z1.89063 a0.00000

x192.50000 y0.00000 z1.84063 a0.00000

x195.00000 y0.00000 z2.00313 a0.00000

x197.50000 y0.00000 z2.05312 a0.00000


Some versions of this format have a blank first line. If you want the z coordinate to be considered remember to check the 3D option in the point list options dialog.


Sometimes this format is used to represent a point cloud from doing 3D probing