Defining your own point blocks

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Pointor comes with a list of already defined point symbols, here are two examples:




If you know how to use AutoCAD and Windows you can insert your own point symbols into Pointor. If you're not sure about this, get a responsible adult to help you.


Step 1: Draw your symbol as a DXF file in the correct format.

Step 2: Put the symbol in the appropriate directory.


To save your sanity draw the DXF file of your symbol in a 1 x 1 unit square, centered on 0,0. That will mean that the block scale you set in the point dialog will reflect the size of your symbol in your output DXF file of points. Here's an example of a unit square with a circle in the middle:




The numbers in the above diagram are just for illustration, don't put them in your block.


Blocks to be used as Pointor point symbols should not contain inserts or other nested blocks. You can use lines, polylines, circles, arcs, 3dfaces and even points. The block can use 3D lines too.


Also the block names should not contain spaces, dots, or other strange characters. For example, instead of




you should use:





Again for your sanity, unless you're an AutoCAD expert, draw all the entities on layer 0.


Once the drawing is made you need to save (Save as R12 DXF is best) it in Pointor's data directory. You can find and open the directory very simply by using the Extras menu, Open DXF point blocks directory item:





If you save the DXF file in the correct format and in the right place the next time you run Pointor it will appear in the list of available point symbols.


It really is much better to save as R12 DXF, it is about 10 times smaller than the equivalent 2010 (and later) versions.