Different circle sizes from different pointlists

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If you have two pointlists which you need to get into your CAD program as circles of two different  sizes then here is the solution: Create two DXFs with Pointor and then import the two DXFs into the same window (project,  drawing) of your CAD program. The screenshot below illustrates the process.




I have activated the axes in the above example just to show the relative positions of the large circles with respect to the small circles. I used copy and paste from Excel to Pointor, twice. The first copy was rows 2 to 7 (green arrow) and the second copy was from rows 8 to 14 (red arrow). In this case tab was the separator and pure numbers was the format. This is the most common format for tables and lists when using copy and        paste in Windows.


Using the options dialog in the first window I changed the circle size to what I wanted, and in the  second window I again used the options dialog to change the circles to a different size. The dialog below shows you how to set points to be shown as circles of a given size in the final DXF:




You need to select "Add point as Circle" and then set the block size to the circle size you want.