Getting a point list from a DXF file

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If you have a DXF file which contains AutoCAD POINT, LINE, 3DLINE, CIRCLE, POLYLINE or TEXT entities Pointor can read the file and construct a point list for you.


Use the File menu, Get Points From DXF file entry. Or you can drag the DXF file into Pointor. Next you will be asked which sorts of entities you want to create points from:






You must select at least one sort of entity, but can select multiple entities if you want. If you import 3DFACEs you may want to remove duplicate points afterwards.


INSERTS mean inserts of blocks in DXF files.


Want other sorts of entities to be used? Contact us!


NB: When you click on OK above, Pointor will create the point list from the original DXF and then create a new DXF from that. It does not import the original DXF.


To place the new list in, for example, Excel, use the Edit menu Copy Point List To Clipboard item.


There are also settings for arcs and lines if you want multiple points from single entities.


3D Meshes are only imported in the PRO version.