How to import 3D line segments from DXF into Pointor

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Some data (for example geological data) arrives as a DXF file full of 3D line segments. If you want to import these into Pointor in order to extract the coordinates then here is the process:


Drag the DXF file into Pointor and select Lines as the object to be imported:




Click on OK. You may not get what you are expecting, so go to the Options dialog and select "No Points" and "Lines with Breaks" as shown below:





You will get a result like this:




Now, to save this as a pointlist click on the icon in the extreme right of the above screenshot. You will get the list of points:




Now, to get hold of that pointlist first select a single row in the list. Then use Control-A to select the whole list, then Control-C to copy it. Then use Control-V in the program where you want to paste the list.


In the list above the points marked with E are the end points of the original lines in your DXF file.