Polylines with breaks, .BRK

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Some formats specify multiple polylines. If you want to create a DXF file with multple polylines choose "Polylines with breaks" as the line setting in the Options dialog.


The rest of this page is about the .BRK format. If you want to break polylines when thedescription changes then click here.


.BRK is a format like this (used in DTM or digital terrain modelling). Each line has X Y Z and then a flag which says "start" or "continue" polyline. When you open a .BRK file set the format to "XYZ.BRK" in the main import dialog.


Here is an example






Some formats use a blank line to specify that a polyline has been finished. If you have a file where some other way of specifying a blank is used you can substitute those special lines with blank lines before importing into Pointor:




To get a dxf file which looks like this:




You can also interpret changes in description as the end of a line sequence or the start of a polyline.