Showing elevation, z coordinates

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I was asked:


"I am trying out Pointor and I like what I see, except for not being able to get point elevations to show up on a plot. Everything else is there. In the preview window the elevation are showing, but not on the plot. I have tried many different option combinations with no success. Can you help?"


You need to do two things to get the Z elevations showing in the DXF graphics:


1.The first is to make sure you import the original data as 3D as shown in the pointlist import dialog (as shown in the dialog below).
2.Activate the showing of Z values in the DXF file.


So, step 1 you do like this: Open the file and set it to 3D, see the "Insert as" rectangle below:






Next decide if you want the coordinates grouped as X Y Z or X Y with Z on a separate layer. For the latter activate Show Text as shown below: