Viewing and searching point lists

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See also Finding Points In The DXF file.


You can get this dialog by clicking on the Search menu, Find Point In Point List item:





Double clicking on a row has the same effect as clicking on the "Show Selected Point" button. It will highlight the point in the main window and zoom into it.


You can search the code or the description, or simply click on a row in the list. If you click on Show Selected Point then the dialog will disappear and a red target will show up in the main view of your point list:




You can switch the target off by right clicking anywhere in the window and using the Target On/Off item in the menu which pops up. Or use the Search menu Target On/Off item


Some formats have "breaks" in the list, and you can see these in the "Flags" column of the point list. P means the start of a new Polyline, and E means the end of a sequence of lines. They normally come together, an E followed by a P. Here is an example:




The Ps and Es are not inherent in the text of the point list but are how Pointor represents the breaks internally.


See also Copying the Pointor Format list to the clipboard and Point List Extremes.