Merging many point lists into one DXF file

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If you have opened two point lists in Pointor and want to add one to another you can use the Edit menu, Merge Two Lists... item.


As an example here is one of two documents to merge:




Here is the other document:


We want to add the points of the second (source document) to the first (destination) document.


Use the Edit menu Merge Two Lists... item and you'll get this dialog:





You have to choose the source and destination documents in the two combos. The points from the source document will be added to the points in the destination document. In other words the destination document will be changed, and the source document will be unchanged.


If you want point 88 in the source document to line up with point 150 in the destination click on the "Align two points:" button and choose the two point numbers from the combo.


On clickon on OK go and see the destination document with the new added points: