Pointor Introduction

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Pointor is a program which imports lists of points (2D or 3D) and shows them on the screen and can save the points as a DXF file.


Pointor can also go in the other direction, reading a DXF file it can create a list of points.


Pointor can also be used to convert point lists from one format to another.







If you have a text file which is a list of geographical points simply open it using the file open menu item, or the open icon. You can also drag files into the Pointor window or use the Windows clipboard.


If you have an XLS (Excel) file then you import the data using copy and paste. Select the data you want to import in Excel, then copy it into the clipboard, and the paste it into the Pointor window.


You can also import from an Access database in this way.


You need to choose which format the file (or clipboard data) is in. As you change format delimiters you will see the text preview of the file change. Be sure that the data looks sensible before clicking on OK.


Clipboard formats often use TAB as a separator.


Once you have selected the format and the file you will see a preview of the points you are about to import. If you donít want to change how the points are shown in your DXF file then click on OK. If you do want to change how the points appear you can, at this point, change the advanced advanced options block by clicking on the Options button in the dialog.


When you have imported the points they will be placed in the DXF file which you will see in the Pointor window. Now you are ready to examime the points or change the way they are displayed. You can also save the points as a DXF file ready for import into a CAD package like AutoCAD. You can save the DXF file by using the File menu Save DXF File... item, or clicking on the save icon in the toolbar.

You can change the advanced options at any moment by clicking on the Options menu.


You can merge data from multiple point lists into a single DXF file.


The current version has a maximum of 500,000 rows of data in the PRO version (25,000 in the standard version and 30 in the demo version).


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