Setting the grid and axes positions with the mouse

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Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what grid/axes positions to use. You can set the grid roughly with the mouse by right clicking in the window at the point where you want the grid to start or end...






...and in the menu selecting either:


Set Axes/Grid Origin Here




Set Axes/Grid End Here



This will change the grid to whatever you want. It will not be very accurate so here is the trick.


Here is a trick.

1.Place the mouse roughly where you want to have the origin. You cannot be precise of course. Right click and use the context menu to set the origin.
2.Now go into the options dialog, and you'll have origin numbers like 333.123 227.153535 in the axes and grid origin edit boxes.
3.Now change the rough numbers to numbers with less decimal points. For example: set 333.123 to 330.0 and set 227.153 to 225.0


Normally I round down because I want the grid to start outside of the the data.


Also change the tick spacing to be exactly what you want 5.


To change the grid/axes step size use the options dialog, also available by right clicking anywhere in the window.