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XLS to vector converter

If you have some XLS data you want to convert into graphical vector form (an image and a DXF file to be specific) then you can use this program which does it in seconds. In your Excel file copy the cells you want to convert into the Windows clipboard, then paste them into Pointor and, after choosing the appropriate format you can see the data as graphical points and lines.

The image below gives a general idea of what Pointor can do:

Excel XLS to vector program

Once you have the data insode Pointor you can change colors of lines, decide to use polylines or normal lines, add coordinates as text near the points and so on. The dialog for doing that is shown below:

XLS to Vector Options

In the example below a list of points of the UK coastline was converted into a set of circles, one circle for every point. You could of course decide to make a single polyline with no cicles and no text by changing the settings in the dialog above.

GIS map from pointlist

Here is the same set of numbers viewed just as a single POLYLINE in a DXF:

Polyline GIS map from point list

There is a free demo you can download by clicking on the button below:

Pointor has applications in CNC engineering (professional and hobby) GIS, Archeological mapping, life sciences and many other fields.




Archeology and Pointor


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