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How to convert points from an XYZ file to a DXF file.

Here is a concrete example, using Open Office, but it works in the same way with Excel or Access (Windows XP, Windows VISTA or Windows 7).

Step 1) Select the list of points in the Calc spreadsheet.

XYZ coordinates data source

Step 2) Copy the selected area to the clipboard (Use the edit menu or control-C on the keyboard)

Step 3) Paste the selection into Pointor. You will get a dialog for choosing the format:

XYZ coordinates options

In this case the original data works best by selecting PENZD option (top left) the tab separator (upper middle panel) and the dot decimal separator (center panel).

Step 4) Click on OK and then on OK again at the graphical preview dialog. You will then see an initial view of your data, followed by a dialog box:

Graph Origin Prompt for XYZ conversion

Click on the yes button and you will get a repositioned view of your data:

XYZ coordinates data full view

Step 5) Now you have to change the text sizes, grid sizes, block sizes to suit the extent of your data. Click on the options menu, options item. A dialog will pop up where these things can be set. The image below shows the central part of that dialog, with the settings we need for the data seen at the start of this tutorial:

XYZ coordinates data DXF options

Step 6) Click on OK and view your data. A part of the image for the data above is shown below, zoomed by usng the zoom icon in the toolbar (or the mousewheel):

XYZ coordinates data source zoomed in view:

Now, if you like what you can see, you can zoom and pan around the image, or save it as a DXF file (under the File menu) or use the options dialog again to change layers, sizes, colors etc.

There is a free demo available...

Download Pointor Free Demo Now

...so you can try out your data before buying ($69.99), and if you have any questions about formats don't hesitate to contact us. The program runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

You can also use the program to convert DXF to XYZ.


Compatibility with XP and Vista...







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