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An archaeological point list Dxf import tool

Often archeological workers need to plot their finds in a CAD system. This can be quite tedious manually, but help is at hand with Pointor:

Archaeological point list Dxf import

If the workers add in the point coordinates and descriptions one at a time while on site, Pointor can read that list and create a DXF file (with various layers and point-line connection options) which can then be read in by any CAD program. The image above shows how Pointor works with a CSV file (readable by Excel and OpenOffice Calc) but you can just as simply do a copy and paste of the data direct into Pointor's main window.

Archaeological point list viewer

With version 6 there is even the option to add in separate point lists into the same DXF file, thus merging the results of two or more workers into a single graphical result.

Luckily there is a demo available which means you can test it on your own data to see if it meets your requirements. (If there is a format we do not handle please contact me.)


How the University of Australia uses Pointor for archaeological survey work.

"I searched internet for Importing XYZ points into Autocad and Pointor was on the list. I downloaded the demo and found it was exactly the easy to use and time saving tool I needed!"
- quote from a happy customer



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