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X Y to DXF file , converting a point list to a DXF file

There are many occasions when technicians need to rapidly convert from a list of xy points into a DXF file. GIS, CNC, mapping, location, scientific plotting or reconstruction all come to mind. Luckily there is a quick way to do the conversion, complete with a preview of the DXF file you are about to create. The Windows program Pointor, now in 2012 in version 7, has had praise for its ease of use and flexibility.

The screenshot below shows a very simple x y point list imported into the program and ready to be saved as a DXF file:

x-y to dxf, a simple example

At its simplest you simply drag the file of points into the main window of pointer, select the format you want to use and display the points graphically. Here is a more complex points list (38,000 points!) displayed in Pointor:

how to get a DXF file from 38000 x y points

You can choose to have the axes or the grid or the various annotations (code, coordinates, point number etc.) Here is a close up (zoomed in with the mousewheel or with the icons in the toolbar):

x-y to dxf with preview

There is a free Windows demo available, click on the link below to get Pointor working with your very own data:

x-y to dxf program download

If you have a format which is not supported just contact us and we'll see what we can do to help you.

Code-X-Y to DXF file conversion.

GIS and Archeology




Points, descriptions, and layernames



CR5 to DXF

Michael, one happy customer says:
"I was looking for an application that is able to turn .csv files to dxf - and Pointor does!"


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