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.xyz file format conversion (to CSV and DXF etc.)

If you have a .xyz file which you want to view or convert simply drag the file into the main window:

Access the .xyz file

Now you will be asked to choose the format, click on Pure Numbers (XYZ) and 3D as shown in the screenshot below:

3D XYZ format

You can see that the preview of the file is already visible in the dialog above.

This how the xyz file appears in Pointor:

Now with the Pointor menu you can either save the XYZ file in another format or create a 3D DXF file with it. In the above example it is better not to connect up the points with lines, and set Pointor to only export points and axes if you want. The DXF file created from the XYZ file in AutoCAD looks like this:

Some XYZ files have comments at the start of them, which you can skip over by tsing the "start reading at row" setting. For example the start of the file below has some initial commens, and you would ask Pointor to start reading at line 5:

Pointor has a free demo (which you so that you can test it with your very own data before buying it ($69.99).

If you have some point data you would like to view in Pointor, but are you unsure as to which format to try please contact me. Even if we do not support that format yet almost all the formats above have been suggested by customers.





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