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How to scan coins for Coin scanning for Ebay

The images of your coins should be not less than 500 pixels square. Which means that if you want to scan small coins you need to scan at 800 DPI. You can set the DPI of RansenScan using the Tools menu, just follow these 1 2 3 steps:

Setting the DPI for coin scanning for Ebay

Now, unfortunately, coins are round which means that currently RansenScan cannot extract them automatically. (It can for postcards, cigarette cards and baseball cards because they are rectangular). What that means is that you need to select the coins by hand, but it is quite easy.

First switch off the automatic image extraction and the automatically enhanced contrast. Do the steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 as shown below:

Numismatic ebay coins

Step 3, unchecks the box, so that the computer does not waste time looking for rectangular images.

Step 4, unchecks the box, and stops the computer trying to enhance the contrast of faded postcards etc, because coins don't need that sort of correction.

Now you can choose to scan many coins at once or just a few. If you need to show both sides of a coin you'd be better advised to scan maybe just 4 at a go, so you don't lose track of which reverse side belongs to which front side. If you only need to show the front of the coins then you can put maybe 10 or more on the scanner.

Imagine you've done your scan. Now you need to select the coin whose image you want to save. Click and drag the mouse as shown below:

Coin scanning for ebat

As you drag a selection rectangle will appear...

coni scanning and selection

Stop dragging when you have covered all the coin. It does not have to be accurate because we'll sort out the exact size and angle in a later step.

Once you have the rectangle around the coin, click on this icon in the toolbar:. This will add your coin image to the area to the right of the screen:

Coin scanning program

Now you can adjust the size and angle of the image by double clicking on the large coin image in the right hand area. You will get a dialog where you can change various things:

Scanned coin.

First of all you can see that the "2002" text is not horizontal. Use the Fine Angle Movement buttons to straighten it up.

Second you can see that there is a lot of space around the coin. Use the Fine Sizing buttons to get closer to the coin. Use the Fine Pan (in the bottom right corner of the image frame) buttons to center the coin in the image.

You'll end up with something like this:

Adjusted scanned coin

Before you click on OK look at the size of the image, it is 854 x783:

Size of scanned coin image

which is well above the minimum of 500 pixels.

NOW you can click on OK! You'll get an image like this:

How to scan coins

Right click on the big coin and save your image, or use the File menu, Save Single Sub Image item.

One last tip: Use the Tools menu, Show Pixel Sizes item to confirm your pixel sizes, look at the bottom left of each of the six images:

Pixel sizes for scanned coin images


Try the demo of RansenScan:




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