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Preserving old photo collections.

How to preserve you precious collection of old photos? The shiny solidity of CD and DVD disks suggest that you should scan them and then save them on disk. But as mentioned in another article on this site CDs and DVDs can be corrupted disasterously making it impossible to get hold of all those fond memories. Imagine if you had been saving your memories on 5 inch floppy disks, how could you get at them now (even if they had not already become damaged!)

So my answer to the question of preserving old photos is to scan them, enhance their contrast and color, then print them using a good quality printer on good quality paper. Physical prints degrade too, of course, but they do so slowly, and the "format" (paper) will always be supported, as will the "reader" (your very own eyes!).

What is needed is something which will go from scanner to printer in one go, without a complex and hard to use program in the middle:


RansenScan is the program to help you create your hard copy of your photo collection. Here are the easy steps:

  1. Place several photos together on the scanner.
  2. Let RansenScan scan them all in in one go.
  3. Adjust the photos individually.
  4. Save (in JPG, PNG or TIFF) and/or print the photos.

I use an EPSON scanner and an EPSON printer. I've heard good things about Canon scanners and printers too, though I have never had anything but trouble from HP devices.

You can find out more about RansenScan here.
Press Release.

The more I use RansenScan the better it gets! †Iíve recently started a large scanning project, the old way, one piece at a time. What a joy to now fill up the scanner with my original artwork (used for cards); have them quickly separated into individual pieces.† I can crop them; edit, add captions, quotes, etc. and then either file, print, or both.† Super easy program with great big results; truly remarkable!† Iíve seen nothing like it.

- Suzanne


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