Examples of good and bad layouts for automatic recognition

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This is a good layout for automatic recognition:




The photos are a decent distance from one another and do not touch the edges of the scanner. Here is another example of a good layout:




Despite the fact that the images are not placed in a regular way, and are even a bit angled, this is a good layout because none of the photos are touching each other or the sides of the scanner.



Here is a bad layout of photos on the scanner:




Not only are all the photos touching each other but the edges of the scanner are touched by some of the photos too! Here is another example of a bad layout:




Again, some of the photos are touching each other.


Another point to watch out for is shadows along one edge of the scan, some scanners are not perfectly aligned and a dark line may appear along one of the longer edges of the scanned image. In this case make sure your photos are not touching any edges.


Note that the size and shape of the photos is also important, and acceptable values can be set here.