The rules for automatic recognition of photos within multiple photo scans.

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Automatic recognition is nice (and you can configure it here) but for it to work you must follow certain rules. They are quite simple:


1.The scanner background must be clean and all of one color.
2.If the scanner dialog comes up you must set it to scan the whole scanner bed.
3.If possible the photos should not touch the edges of the scanner. At most they can touch one edge. Do not worry about the angles  of the photos, if they are nearly straight RansenScan will straighten them for you
4.The photos should not overlap one another.
5.The photos should not touch one another. A space of at least 5mm (0.2") is required.
6.The photos must be within the size limits which you have set in the automatic recognition dialog box


Here is an example of a scan which follows the above rules and will work automatically with RansenScan:




So, the example above IS OK.


The example below is NOT OK:



The photos are too close together and are even touching. Click here for some more examples of good and bad photo layouts.


Remember that when you are setting up these options you don't need to rescan the whole image, just use the "re-extract" command under the File menu.