The Advanced Color Correction Dialog

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Lesson four teaches you how to use the color correction dialog for color images. Here I'll talk about correcting black and white images. You can try this with your own photos, imagine you have scanned these two photos:




Since automatic contrast enhancement is the default starting setting you can see that the two sub images have more contrast than the scanned original.


Note that these two images only just fit on the scanner and so RansenScan has not been very accurate in picking them out. Since the automatic contrast works on the whole sub image we would get better results if we selected only the photo, and not the frame or parts of the scanner bed.


If we double click on the sub image in the left column we can select it better, removing the extra areas around the image. And the same with the image at bottom right of the screen. Now we get this:





Which slightly improves the contrast and brightness.


If you click on this icon...


Color-circles'll get this dialog for the individual image:




You can choose Automatic, or with HSV you can change the lightness and contrast manually.


For black and white photos it is best to reduce the saturation to 0 and play with brightness and contrast.


The CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK) is a very advanced option.