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Sub images can be rotated in three different ways. It may seem strange, but there is a reason for this.



Sub image rotation by 90 -90 or 180 degrees.


Sometimes you scan an image and after it is extracted it is exactly 90 or +90 or 180 degrees wrong! If it seems an exageration there is a reason for this. Look at this initial scan. Two sub images have been extracted, you can see them on the right of the screen. The top one needs to be rotated clockwise by 90 degrees. Click on it, its frame will become red:





Now click on the clockwise rotation icon and you'll get this situation:




There are three icons which do this sort of rotation:





Rotation of the selection rectangle.


The selection rectangle can be rotated by grabbing the arrows at its corners. This is useful for when you have to Add or Substitute a  sub image. You create a selection rectangle simply by dragging the mouse in the scanner area.



Rotation of the sub image by a few degree or fractions thereof.


Use the fine tuning dialog on a sub image by clicking on the sub image and then on this icon:




This will show you the sub image fine tuning dialog.