The settings dialog box

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You can find this under Tools menu, Settings item.




This dialog sets:


1.At what DPI you want to scan your images. In general 300 DPI is more than adequate. 600 DPI will require a lot of memory.  (NB: You need a powerful scanner/computer combination for DPI of 900 and greater).
2.The JPEG quality. If you save your images in the JPG format then the higher this number the higher the quality. In general a setting of 90 here is very good. A setting of less than 20 is pretty bad. Lower settings mean poorer quality but smaller files.
3.At what resolution multiple sub images on a single page can be copied to the clipboard. There is an extra button to do this in the multiple sub image printing dialog.
4.The default name (or start of the name) to give your images, in the above example it is Sirus. This default name will appear as part of the name of the file when you save it.
5.You can rotate all your scanned sub images at the end of a scan by setting the "End of scan rotation" rotation to 90 -90 or 180. See here more info.


You can click on the Set All To Default button to get the recommended settings.