The Sub Image Fine Tuning  Dialog

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First click on the sub image whose position, angle and scale you want to change. Then click on this icon:



The icon shows some tweezers moving a photograph.




Right click on one of the sub images on the right of the screen and use Sub Image Fine Tuning from the menu or...
Double click on the sub image or...
Use the menu Sub Image | Sub Image Fine Tuning.


This dialog is designed for quite small changes, whereas the selection rectangle, which appears in the main scanner image, is designed for larger changes.




You can crop your original image by dragging the mouse in the preview rectangle shown above. If you crop too much you can click on the "Reset Position and Size" button.


When rotating the image you may like to switch on the grid by clicking on the Grid check box at the top of the dialog.


When you close the dialog box you can do so with Cancel or OK:


       Cancel: The changes to size, position and angle will be abandoned.

       OK: The changes to size, position and angle will be applied.


To change colors, contrast, CMYK etc. use the Color Correction Dialog.