What DPI should I use?

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In the settings dialog you can set what DPI to use when scanning. We recommend somewhere between 300 and 600 DPI. Most old photos and postcards do not require more than this, see the comparison below.




This image is about 6" (15.2cm)  by 4" (10.2cm). Look closely at the TV aerial in the center of the image. Below is a closeup when scanned at different resolutions:




There is not much difference between 1200 DPI and 600 DPI, but the memory used and the time taken quadruples.


Between 600 DPI and 300 DPI there is a visible difference, but this may not even be visible when you print the image.


Between 300 DPI and 150 DPI there is a visible difference which may be noticeable if you print the image.


So, we recommend a DPI from 300 to 600. 600 DPI images will take longer and occupy more space. 300 DPI images will occupy less space and be quicker to scan, but have slightly less fine detail.


If you are scanning many small images, and the images have a good quality, then you should probably use 600 DPI. See also "DPI in JPG images".


You need a powerful scanner/computer combination for DPI of 900 and greater.