Printing Multiple Images

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You can print all or any of the sub images on a single piece of paper. This help page is about printing multiple images. (Click here to learn about printing a single image, Click here for a printing overview.)


To get to this dialog use the icon shown above or  the File | Setup Multiple Sub Images Printing... item to get this dialog:




To add a sub image to the page simply drag it from the column onto the page preview.


To move the sub image simply drag the sub image within the page preview.


To change the size drag the corners (just inside the boundaries of the sub image).


To remove the sub image from the page click on the image within the preview and hit the DEL key on your keyboard. Alternatively right click on the sub image and select Erase Object.


To add a caption right click in the preview area and select Add Caption Here... from the menu. Use the same right click to modify the caption's text, size and font.


To move a caption simply drag it with the mouse.


If, instead of printing the "combined" image, you want to copy it to the clipboard you can use the "Copy Page To Clipboard" button at the bottom left of the column of sub images. The size of this copy is fixed in the settings dialog. Note that this is not the same as copying individual sub images to the clipboard.


Printing Overview.


Printing a single sub image.