New in Version 4
Ordering and Technical Support
Getting Started Tutorial
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Manual scanning overview
The Selection Rectangle
Add Sub Image Command
Substituting a Sub Image
Deleting a sub image
The Sub Image Fine Tuning Dialog
Color Correction Dialog
Automatic Recognition
Automatic Recognition examples
Automatic contrast and brightness enhancement
Colored frames
Printing introduction
Printing Single Images
Printing Multiple Images
Captions in multiple sub image prints
Removing a sub image from a print layout
Settings Dialog
Automatic Recognition Settings
Settings for scanning stamps
Startup Tips
Saving multiple sub images
Scanning long or tall photos
ID numbers
Pixel sizes of sub images
End of scan rotation
Drag and Drop
Copying to the windows clipboard
Extracting heads from group photos
What DPI should I use?
DPI in JPGs and printing
How to scan 20 small images in one go
Re-extract and straighten
RansenScan Settings For Baseball Cards On Large Scanners
HSV explained
Batch separating scanned files of multiple images

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