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Scanning Multiple Photos At Once.

If you have several photos to scan, you can lay them out on the scanner platen and perform a single scan to get and separate all the images in one pass automatically.

After you scan multiple images, RansenScan will separate them into images which you can save and copy individually. Your originakl scan will remain intact, you'll just have the separated image in a column on the right of the screen, as shown below:

Scan Multiple Photos At Onece

Of course you have to separate the photos properly on the platen (or scanner bed) so that the program can recognise the separate images:

Aligning photos on the scanner, good!

This arrangement will not work, the photos to be scanned are too close together for RansenScan to be able to separate them out:

Aligning photos on the scanner, bad!

Lets look at the screenshot again. To save the individual images you simply right click in the righthand column and select Save from the menu which pops up:

Scan Multiple Photos At Onece

You can also choose Save All Sub Images from the File memu. You'll be prompted for a base name and a starting number for the sub images, but you can type any name you want.

Right clicking on the sub image also allows you to fine tune the colors and the area you have selected. For example you may want to increase the contrast or remove the white frame around a photo.

RansenScan lets you choose the Dots Per Inch of course. Scanner resolution is measured in this DPI measure. More dots translate into a sharper image:

  • 75-100 DPI, used for: Sharing via e-mail or posting to the Web.
  • 300 DPI, used for: Printing or archiving
  • Over 300 DPI, used for: Prints larger than 5" x 7" or enlargements .

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