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Apply this easy to use Andy Warhol Style Effect to your digital photographs

Andy Warhol Screen Print Effect


Here I'll show you how easy the effect is to use. Simply drag your original image into the main window of Repligator and you will be asked by the wizard if you want to brighten, rotate and select part of the original image. with the following dialogs:

Warhol Effect Step 1

Warhol Effect Step 2

Warhol Effect Step 3

When you click on the next button you will be presented with a list of filters to apply, choose the Warhol Style Filter (near the end of the list).

Now you can fine tune the Andy Warhol Style Effect settings or simply let the program decide. Here are the settings:

Warhol Settings (with mixing vignette!)

And here are some small examples of what this art filter creates:

Andy Warhol Filter, with mixing!

Note that you can make Andy's hand strong or weak so that you get a more or less defined outline in the final screen print image. You can also mix the series of screen prints with the original image in many ways, as shown by the first and last example above.

The program has 140 effects in total, and if you like this effect you may like to look at two other effects, The Lichtenstein Effect (sometimes called the Pop Art Filter) and the Jackson Pollock Effect (the Pollock Filter). And here are 3 pop art effects explained on one page.

Andy Warhol Effect, 4 or 1 images

Here are more examples of the Warhol Style Effects with strong/weak hand settings.


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