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How to make Andy Warhol inspired graphics

Starting with one of your photographs it is very easy to make an Andy Warhol type image. Just bring the image into the program, choose the colors and number of repeats and push the OK button! Here is an example:

An example of Andy Warhol inspired graphics

In the example above I chose 3 x 3 images (9 "sub images" in total), but the program's dialog box lets you choose whatever you want:

The dialog for Andy Warhol inspired graphics

In the above example I've chosen 2x2 images (4 screen prints in total). Here is another Andy Warhol inspired image, with the original shown at the top left:


The original photo and  the Andy Warhol inspired version of it


Here is an example of a Japanese mask which has undergone the Andy Warhol treatment, this time a total of 25 "sub images" were created, by setting to 5 x 5 in the dialog box. Note also the roughness of some of the backgrounds. This is deliberate, and as you can see from the dialog above, you can set "Andy's hand" to be very strong (a good solid color) or weak (a rougher background color, as in the example below).

5 x 5 images of Andy Warhol style images

When you first bring in a photo all you have to do is choose "Warhol Style" from the list of effects available, as shown in the dialog below. The original image is on the left of the dialog, and the image after the effect has been applied is on the right.

Choosing Andy Warhol style


This is just one of the 150 effects available in the latest version of the program. A free demo is available:

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