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Use this program to quickly create an engraved (or "stipple") effect. Here is the first example:

Engraving Filter Example Image

And here is another example:

Engraving Filter Example Image

The dialog box is easy to use and understand:

Engraved and stipple dialog

You can see that we have changed some of the settings, adding more white space around the main figure by lowering the slider called "white threshold".

In the PRO version of the program you can save the image as a vector file suitable for programs like Illustrator and Corel Xara. A releated effect is Spiral Engraving.

Another example of this effect


The demo is free


Warhol Style Effect

Sepia Effect

Half Tone Newsprint Effect

Blue Chine Spode

How to do skywriting

Scanlines Effect Filter
Scanlines Effect



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