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Repligator and Children

Repligator is a great way to introduce small children to creative computer graphics.

Its simplicity of use makes it ideal for children from age 4 upwards. Repligator will gives them an easy way to jazz up photos of friends and family, and transforming them in weird and wonderful images.

Here is a photo of one of Christopher Pizzanelli's Computer Art Creations, the artist himself is on the right of the photo.

Christopher Pizzanelli

Here is another young up and coming artist in action:

Young Artist

Even a simple thing like writing their name in a paint program (PaintShopPro or MS Paint) and then pasting it into Repligator can give interesting effects:

Simple Wendy

Bubbly Wendy

Simple Bill

Pop Bill

Repligator obviously does not have the power of other more sophisticated effects programs, but it does not have the sharp edges either! And your children will be creating new images in seconds!

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