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How to make vector half-tone images for use in programs like Illustrator.

You can use Repligator PRO's Newsprint Effect (otherwise known as a half tone effect) to output half-tone vector images in PS format. Simply select the Newsprint Effect and choose your settings. Then when you have a raster image which you like choose, under the PRO menu, Vector Output and create your PostScript version.

You can download the two example PostScript files (see below) to see how they work with your vector program. (The demo version does not make large vector files and may truncate the image somewhat.)

Half tone church image

Click here to download the zipped .PS file of the above image (853KB).

Here is another example:

Half-Tone face

Download the zipped vector PostScript version of the above image (917KB)

The Engraved Effect also has vector output.

How to get the free demo



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