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How to put startbursts into your photos quickly and painlessly!

Some photographs just need just that little extra to make them special. See the example below:

It is a simple addition, but very effective in adding dynamism to photographs. You have full control over the position and size of the "burst", as well as the number of spikes, the "glow" size and the size of the "ring" around the star.

Another "starry effect which is available is "sparkles". See the example photo below:

Again the simple effect adds something special to your favorite photos. And again you have full but easy control of the effect, you can select the size of the stars, their colors and so on.

Both of these filters are very easy to use, and are just two of 150 effects in the latest version of the program.

A free demo version of Repligator (with all 150 effects) is available:

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