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How to add ripples to a photo or image quickly

It is very simple, drag your image (or use the Windows clipboard or use the File | Open menu) into the program and select the ripple effect you want. There are two to choose from as shown by the screen shots below:

Illustratinga n easy way to make ripples in photos

Add Circular Ripples To Your Images

With the "Horizon Ripple Filter" (top image) submerges the lower part of your image in rippling water. You can choose the extent of the submersion, the color of the water, the size of the ripples and other setting by clicking on the "Fine Tune" button.

The "Under Water Filter" has similar settings, but instead of horizon position you can choose the center of the circular ripples.

These are just 2 of the 150 effects available in the latest version of the program. A free demo is available:

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