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How to colorize your photos with more than one color...

Sometimes you want to colorize a photo to give it a more dramatic look. Sometimes you want to colorize vertically as well as horizontally, as shown in the example below. This page is a tutorial about how to do multiple colorizing:

Mulitple Colorize Example Image

It is quite easy to accomplish with this program, bring in your image using the clipboard or open the file, or use drag and drop. Then choose "Multiple Colorize" as the effect, you'll get a dialog like this:

Mulitple Colorize Example Dialog

There are four colors to choose:

  1. Extreme left (or top) color
  2. Center left (or center top) color
  3. Center right (or center bottom) color
  4. Extreme right (or bottom) color
As you can see, you can color horizontally from top to bottom or vertically from left to right, as shown in the example dialog below:

Mulitple Colorize Example Dialog

The "center width" and the "center position" sliders allow you to shift and smooth the positons of the color gradations.

Of course you don't need to use strong colors, and it works well on portraits as well, look at the following example:

Mulitple Colorize Example Image

This is just one of the 150 effects available in Repligator. See the Sepia Effect too, also included in the program. A demo of Repligator (for Windows only) is available by clicking on the button below.

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