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How to colorize your photos with multiple colors.

Simply open your image file (or use the Windows clipboard) and choose "Multiple Colorize" from the list of effects which you'll see. Next you'll get this dialog...

Multiple Colorize Dialog

In the above dialog we have applied it to a landscape image, but you can of course apply it to any of your photos. And you can choose a horizontal or a vertical distribution of colors. If four colors is too much just choose two to be equal.

A couple of examples of the multiple colorizing effect are shown below.

Multiple Colorize Horixontally (example 1)

Multiple Colorize Horixontally (example 2)

In the above example I've set the "mix with original image" to be top to bottom. That way the shading of the multiple colorise is applied to the top half and not to the botom half. So the sky gets a strange color and the field remains almost normal, at least in the foreground. Click here for more examples.

A free demo version (with all 150 effects) is available:

Get Repligator Now! Multiple Colorise Download


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