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The Mad Painter Effect

This easy to use effect changes your portraits and landscapes and still-lives into a painting by Van Gogh, and here are some examples:

If you look carefully you will see that the original image has not been covered entirely by the brush strokes, though you can change this simply by increasing the number of strokes or there length and width, as shown in the examples below:

The best way to understand how easy this is to do is to download the demo, but just as a taster here is the dialog box for this effect:

Click here for more examples of the Mad Artist Van Gogh for portraits. The demo of Repligator is free, and the program has 141 other effects apart from this one.

Here Toni Pratt shows how to use the Mad Artist effect around the photo of a flower:
by Toni Pratt

See also the Cubist , Braque and Klee Effects.



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