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The Roman Mosaic Effect

Here is how to change a modern photo into an image based on a stone tiled mosaic. For example, the Ancient Romans loved bananas...

Yellow Bananas

...but none of their banana mosaics survive today. With Repligator we have recreated them!

Circular Roman Mosaic of Bananas

Square Roman Mosaic of Bananas

Simpy bring in your photo and choose from the list of effects:

You can make an mosaic of a sky photo:

Sky, original photo Sky, as a mosaic

This dialog shows you all the possibilties of Repligator's Mosaic effect, here applied to a photo of a giraffe:

Mosaic Settings

Mosaic effect images can also be saved as a postscript vector file. See also the Tiles Effect, the Blue China Effect and the Beads Effect.

A free demo version of Repligator is available:

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