Automatic resizing for large images

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When you first open an image, if Repligator notices that it will not fit in its window, Repligator will ask if you want to reduce the size of the image. When images are large (from high resolution digital cameras for example) they occupy a lot of RAM , and resizing them does not lose much quality, but does save, time, RAM and hard disk space.


In reply to a question about why resizing is suggested I replied:


Your images are probably as large as or bigger than your screen and you would not be able to see it all if you did not reduce the size.


If you take pictures at (for example) 1200 resolution but your screen (video card) is set to 1024 resolution you would not be able to see the whole image unless it was resized.


Programs deal with the resizing in different ways, PhotoShop automatically "zooms out", while Repligator suggests that you could, if you want, reduce the size. If you reply click on YES then a dialog box will pop up which allows you to specify the reduction in size you want.


Repligator allows you to zoom out too (manually).


You can see your current zoom setting in the title bar of the document:




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