Manual installation of Repligator as a Plugin

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For the most popular paint programs which run on Windows  Repligator can install itself as a plug in. For the rarer paint programs.


Another reason to do the installation manually is if you have several paint programs which share the same plugin folder.


You must be an experienced Windows user to do the manual installation, and only experts should attempt it.


The only file you need to copy to your paint programs directories is Repligator18.8bf . A typical installation will have installed Repligator and the plugin here:


C:\Program Files\Ransen Software\Repligator\


As a concrete example here is how to install Repligator for Adobe Photoshop CS3 , and here for Paint Shop Pro X2.



We reccommend trying Repligator as a standalone program even if you use it as a plugin. The extra possibilities when used as a standalone program are explained in the tutorials.