Using Repligator in Plugin mode

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Currently the PRO version of Repligator can be used as a plugin for the following paint programs:


Paint Shop Pro 5

Paint Shop Pro 8

Paint Shop Pro 9

Paint Shop Pro X

(Corel) Paint Shop Pro XI

(Corel) Paint Shop Pro X2

(Corel) Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate

(Corel) Paint Shop Pro X3


Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements 5 & 6

PhotoBrush (Mediachance)

Photoshop CS3 Extended

Beta version of Photoshop CS4 (Stonehenge).


(It may also work with other paint programs, but this is not guaranteed. Contact us at for more up to date information. See also Manual Installation As A Plugin. At the time of writing (February 2008) Repligator does not support ULEAD products like Photo Impact)


When you installed Repligator PRO and ran it for the first time you will have been asked if you wanted to install the plugin version too:


If you said YES then Repligator searched for appropriate paint programs and installed Repligator for them.
If you said NO you can still install the plugin version by going to the plugin item in the PRO menu.


In Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 you must be running as an administrator to be able to install Repligator as a plugin.


If you install a paint program after installing Repligator you can use the PRO menu to install the plugin version for you new paint program (if supported).


When Repligator run as a plugin some paint programs  temporarily close their wain window while you decide on which filter to run, and when the filtering is finished the paint program will re-open with the filtered image in it.


You cannot run Repligator stand alone at the same time as you are running it as a plugin.


Sometimes the Repligator in the paint programs plugin menu will be greyed (inactive). Usually this is because the image is not a full 24 bit (or 16,000,000 color) image. Most paint programs have a command to increase the number of colors to 16,000,000. After you have done that then you can use Repligator as a plugin for that image.


Note that we recommend trying Repligator as a standalone program even if you use it as a plugin. The extra possibilities when used as a standalone program are explained in the tutorials.