How to speed up Repligator.

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Usually the larger the image the slower the effect is. Reducing the size of the original image speeds up the effect.


If you are using the home version of Repligator you will always be asked if you want to resize large images. If you are using the PRO version you can switch the asking option on by going to the PRO menu and selecting the PRO options item and then checking the "Ask resize large images" option.


If you are printing at A4 or less you can resize your images to be about 1500 pixels wide. If you are using the images for WEB pages then you really should not go much over 1000 pixels.

Another way to speed up processing is to set the image quality IQ-icon to "normal" instead of "high".



See also Automatic Resizing and System Requirements.


(Aside: Modern digital cameras often create huge images for no practical purpose. It is a marketing idea, the only two numbers people have time to compare are mega pixels and price. But the fact is that a 1.3 Megapixel image printed at A4 has a perfectly good quality. The roughness of the paper swallows up any visible pixels! Lens quality is more important than Mega Pixels, but it is difficult to asses with a single number, so digicam adverts don't bother with it much.)