Vector Output

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Vector output of some effects (PRO version only).


Some effects can be saved as vector files in the PostScript or EPS  format for reading by applications which accept those vector formats, like Illustrator.


Some effects are very definitely "raster effects" which cannot be easily and efficiently be converted to vector output. Some effects have a large component of resolution independent vectors and polygons etc. These effects are ideal for saving in vector format so they can be manipulated by vector programs, or included in vector images.


In general the vector output will not resemble exactly the bitmap (raster) image you see on the screen. Mixing is not supported with vector formats. Think of vector output as export of the "effects layer" rather than of the raster image you see in the Repligator window.


You can add spacing borders with EPS output.


When you choose an effect manually (F6 or E key) you will see a (V) in the list of effects if the effect can output vectors.


See also Vector Output Options Dialog .


Note that Repligator is not a Raster to Vector conversion program, it applies effects to images, and some of the resulting images can be saved in vector format.