Relief Map Effect

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This effect creates relief maps whose mountains and lakes depend on the original image.


Sea Level: Where the Sea Starts. A Sea Level of 0% means that there is no water in the image.
Hill: Where the hills start. The sea is surrounded by plains. Then as we go up in the landscape the hills start. If the hills are at the same level as the Sea Level then the plains are very narrow or non-existent.
Rock: Where barren rock starts in the landscape. Below barren rock are the hills. Above barren rock is snow
Snow Line: Where the snow line is. If the Snow Line is set to 100% then there is no snow in the image


The levels must be set so that SeaLevel is at or below Hill, while Barren is at or below Snow Line. The sliders will not move out of the ranges. You should see the sliders in a staircase pattern rising from left to right. (They can all be at the same level of course, but that would not be much fun would it?)


Normally the relief map created looks like a relief map on mother Earth. If you change the colors of the various levels above sea level you can get science fiction (Mars, Venus, etc) type relief maps.


You can also add contour lines and height numbers along the lines, to make it look like a MAP rather than just an aerial view.


Finally you can choose the colors of the various areas of the "map".


TIP: To make lakes into mountains and mountains into lakes use Invert in the advanced selection dialog (PRO version only).