The Background Designer Dialog

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Some effects have a "background" button, and clicking on that will give you this dialog.




You can choose to have a simple single solid color as the background or something more dramatic.


You can even choose to have your original image as the background, transformed in various ways:-





What is the difference between circular and elliptical? If the image is square, nothing! But if the image is not square, like a long rectangle or a tall rectangle, the elliptical shading will be "distorted" to fit inside the rectangle.


If you choose "Solid Color" then you can only select one color and the Color 2 button will be greyed out.


The Swap button would change (in the above example) Color 1 to purple and Color 2 to magenta.


When the ripple frequency is close to 0 you will see no ripples of color. As you increase the ripple frequency the shading will repeat itself.


The PRO version has a very similar dialog to create original gradient images.