The copying and pasting with added borders

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Pasting with an additional colored border.

If you want to paste an image into Repligator with an additional border you can use the Edit Menu menu item "Paste Bordered…". This will bring up a dialog box where you choose the size of the border and the color of the border. Once you have clicked OK the image in the clipboard will be pasted into Repligator with a colored border.


Copying into the clipboard with an additional colored border.

You can copy the current image in Repligator with an additional border. This means that when you paste into another application it will have an extra colored border around it. Use the Edit menu item "Copy Bordered…" and select the size and color of the border you want. Note that you will not see any new image in Repligator, but when you paste into another application you will see the image with the border you selected.


Note: You don't normally want to use both Copy Bordered and Paste Bordered with the same image, unless you want two different sized and different colored frames around the same image.


See also Magic Framer.