The Ethnic Art Effect

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Some beautiful traditional ethnic textiles have colorful repeating patterns dyed into or painted onto them, and this effect does the same thing to your image, but allowing, in a strange way, a part of your image to show through. You can change the basic pattern, and how often it repeats horizontally and vertically.


You can also change the "pattern power". A pattern power of 100 means that your original image will not effect the final image at all, which will be make up totally of the regularly repeated pattern. A power of 50 means that half of the image will come from the pattern and half from your original image. And so on.


You can also decide on the palette of colors which the effect uses:Double click on the color rectangles in the dialog to change them.


This effect works best on images with large expanses of roughly the same color, for example a photo with a large area of sky in it.


As usual push F8 to experiment with the settings automatically, and double click on the image to change the settings manually. Anti-aliasing (image quality) does not change the final image at all with this effect.