Variations on a theme : F8 and Control F8 operation (Automatic Tweaking!)

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What is the difference between the F8 key (Ticke-Icon) and the Control-F8 key?  (Control-F8 is only available in the PRO version.)


The F8 key keeps the filter unchanged, but changes the settings of that filter.


Control-F8 also keeps the filter unchanged, but does not modify the parameters. What is the point of Control-F8 then? Well it changes the image slightly, making light changes. The changes are a not always visible after Control-F8.


Note that some filters do not change with control-F8. Filters where all the aspects of the final image are determined by the parameters will not change with Control-F8. The Sepia filter is an example where using Control-F8 will not change the image visibly. This is because nothing is random in it. The Mad Artist filter will change with Control-F8 because the actual details of the dabs of paint is not set by the sliders.


Try the Warp Print filter using both F8 and Control-F8. With F8 the colors change, with Control-F8 only the thread positions change. Another example of a filter which changes with Control-F8 is the Old Film filter. In this case (with control-F8) the amount of dirt on the film will not change, but the position of the dirt will.


See also keyboard shortcuts and function keys.


Control-F8 function (twiddle effect) is also available under the PRO menu.


Since F8 and Control-F8 only work after an effect has been applied to an image they will do nothing when you are looking at the original unmodified image.