Glow Effect

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Add a romantic glow to your photographs. A fuzzy white feeling. This effect works best with photos which have some of white in them. The lower the threshold the more each part of the photograph effects other parts of the photograph. The larger the radius the more the effect is spread around.



Before and after applying the glow effect.


The best way to restict the extent of the glow is to have a radius of less than 8 and a threshold above 90. The higher the radius and lower the threshold the more "diffuse" the glow will appear.


Here is one more tip about using glow: It works best with images with a lot of light in them. If you have a dark image you want to apply glow to then brighten it in the Image Import Wizard. This is always on in the home version, but must be switched on in the PRO version. Another "romantic" effect to consider is the Dark Light effect.